Hello, I’m Justin Dowdall, a counselling professional based in West London. I work with couples, families, and individuals who want their lives to work better.

Justin Dowdall - Therapist & Life Coach

Perhaps you would like to improve how you communicate with the important people in your life. Perhaps you’re interested in overcoming a challenge at work or in your personal life. Or maybe, like a lot of us, you’ve had time to reflect on your life recently and want to move forward from feeling “stuck.”

As a registered therapist with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, I provide counselling to individuals, couples, and families. People come to see me for a variety of reasons, but all share one goal: to feel happier and healthier going forward.

Common reasons people come to see me…
Everyone’s issues are unique, but we all share some common life challenges– as the last 2 years have showed us all too well. My clients tend to talk about:

  • Communications issues in personal relationships and/or work
  • Difficulties coping with bigger life changes
  • Fear about taking that next meaningful step in life
  • Self-esteem issues that hold people back from happiness

Once we identify the things you’d like to work on, I tailor a therapeutic approach that will help you build the skills to overcome the issues you face. Therapy is definitely not a one-size-fits-all model.

Online or face-to-face: How we can work together
Currently, I offer counselling in a few ways, whichever works best for you. Like a lot of people, I had to shift my counselling practice online during the pandemic, but I’ve found a lot of my clients now prefer the convenience of online sessions due to their busy schedules.

Another adaptation I’ve made due to the pandemic is outdoor sessions. A few of my clients preferred to see me outside during the pandemic, and it was such a positive experience, I continue to offer that option in West London, in the Hammersmith and Ealing areas.

I am also currently resuming face-to-face sessions in offices in West London.

Get in touch
Please reach out if you’d like to discuss general aspects of counselling or the specific issues you’d like to work on. If you’re facing financial hardship because of Covid-19, please don’t let that get in the way of therapy. I am happy to discuss costs with you based on your personal circumstances.

To set up a time to talk, please email me: jcdowdall at gmail.com

For more details about my professional experience and training, please see my LinkedIn profile.

BACP Registered – Certificate #118921